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I strive to be the very best at what I do. A storyteller at heart,
I fell in love with D&D and TTRPG's at a young age and have

never looked back. Now I make short, eye catching videos for 

the TTRPG community for their online campaigns. Whether its

logo reveals, title sequences, or campaign idents. I guarantee to 

provide you with the professional look that you and your

campaign deserve.


Campaign Idents


Want something short and snappy to catch your

viewers attention from the start? Campaign idents

are a great way to show your viewers that you mean

business and that you take great pride in your work. 



Logo Reveals


Your brand means a lot. It tells your audience 

who you are, and what you do. It needs to stand

out. A stunning, well made logo reveal can 

really make the difference between a potential 

new customer and a missed oppotunity.

Title Sequences


A full blown title sequence is a great way to introduce

new viewers to your channel. It can highlight the

players, the characters and the Dungeon Master. 

Whether at the start or the end of your session, a 

good title sequence can allow you to advertise all

your socials in one place and let your viewers know 

how to find you. 


Why TTRPG's?

I specialise in making short videos for the TTRPG community. Why? Because I love them, and I love the community. I've been a nerd all my life, and I can honestly say the TTRPG community is one of the most welcoming and accepting communities out there.


Is there anything I can't do?



I Specialize in simple and impactful designs by preference, I know my limitations. Good news is that I have a fantastic network of content creators so I garuntee to be able to point you in the right direction.



My prices


I'm always transparent about my prices. I charge less when I can and talk honestly with you about budgeting and expectations. I know my work is good, and worth every penny, but I also know that money is a limited resource. Contact me below, and lets get a conversation going. A full list of my price can be found here,

Let us bring your vision to the life.


People I've had the honour of working for.


              @DMDMStudios                            @NevernotDM                              @AlliesNerd                                    @SolsRoles                               @LostHavenArt

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"Paul [Ampersand] does positively wonderful work! He listens to what you want and makes some of the best custom video and trailers available in the TTRPG community! I couldn't recommend him enough!"



"Paul did a fantastic job putting together the video for my patreon. He was responsive, professional, and made timely revisions based on my feedback. Overall, a pleasure to work with!"



"Paul [Ampersand] is so creative and easy to work with. He brought me several ideas initially and was super helpful during the editing process! I will definitely be using his services again!"



"Paul's  focus on simple designs made working with him fast and easy. Truly a delight to work with, and I am very pleased with my trailer!"



"I've had multiple pieces of work done by Paul, he produces great quality work and will really push himself to give you exactly what you're looking for."

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